Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Here is an update on my previous post, My Solution To World Hunger.

Apparently, the alpaca was enough to motivate my husband to study with fervor and now I am beyond ecstatic to report that he has passed the CPA!

It is a Christmas miracle.

Now, of course, the downside of this miracle is that our good fortune means that a third world family will not receive an alpaca, named after my husband, which could possibly have changed the course of their lives.

But here's the thing: we are so thrilled that Mr. B. is finally a Certified Public Accountant that we have decided to purchase the alpaca anyway, no longer to mock his procrastination, but now to honor his accomplishment.

When we better our own lives, shouldn't we do the same for someone else?

Whether you've recently passed the Bar Exam, potty-trained your toddler, or tied the knot with your significant other, there is always an occasion worthy of an alpaca purchase.

Go ahead, soak in the holiday spirit, buy a beast, and then we can all brag that we are CPAs....Clobbering Poverty's Ass, one alpaca at a time.

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